Zero Quest 2: The Choosening

Zero Quest 2: The Choosening

Postby Calum MacInnes » 04 Sep 2016, 12:19

Sabor had its ups and downs this year but on the whole I had a successful run and despite the various dramas really enjoyed my experience.

The Positives:
+ Location: The location of Sabor probably couldnt be any better, right in the heart of the Cowgate with a ton of passing traffic.
+ The Barstaff: The bar team, (Yolanda in particular) were very helpful and once they got used to us being there were also very friendly.
+ The Space: The performance area isnt ideal but I got on with it just fine, its L shaped which was a little awkward at first as I tend to get in amongst the audience but in general was fine.
+ The Numbers: Audience numbers were great this year, especially as my show (a choose-your-own Adventure) is kind of niche. Had a couple of full rooms and was averaging around 20 per day (Seating Capacity was around 45. Audiences were generally quite generous with most chucking in £3 - £5.
+ The Other free fringers: The other acts I shared the space with were fantastic, In particular props to Cassie, Maxine and Danny who were always up for making improvements to the space and general grafting.

The Negatives:
- Storage: What started as a storage room was denied to us mid-run as people werent locking it, meaning having to transport props etc each day. One show had to cancel as a result of certain staff member taking the key home with them, I ended up having to wing my show without props the same day.
- That same staff member: The person who took the keys was a manager / supervisor and definitely did not want us there, he interrupted my show to tell me he was cancelling the later shows, I think he also interrupted a number of other performers, was unhelpful, unpredictable and unfriendly.
- The noise: Myself and the other guys who were on in the afternoon / early evening got on with minimal noise bleed but I understand the folks that were performing later on in the day had an extremely hard time dealing with it.

Would I perform a run at Sabor again? I probably would...providing I had minimal dealings with the afore-mentioned character and wasn't on too late. The venue has amazing potential and if the management and acts could get on the same page and work together instead of antagonising each other the place could be truly great.

Finally, Thanks again to the man PBH, Luke, Kate and the rest of the PBH team!

Looking forward to next year,

Calum MacInnes
Calum MacInnes
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