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Postby paul_cree » 31 Aug 2016, 12:12

On the whole, I thought The Pilgrim was very good. It's a nice venue in a decent loction so getting people to come there wasa'nt too hard. It was a nice place just to sit in and have a drink and a bit of food. Cheap bar too. The staff were on board, really helpfull and pleasent to deal with. As the performances took place at one end of the bar, with only a small curtain to seperate, on the days when the bar was busy this could be quite distracting. There were one or two occasions when the bar wasa'nt so busy but a group of people still decided to sit right behind the curtain and proceed to have loud conversations. Maybe some kind of sign would have helped? Just to induicate that a perfomrance was happeneing, either that or some polite persuasion to sit somewhere else. We used the bar's PA which wasa'nt bad, the desk was a but kackered but still worked fine. We used a SM58 mic that I bought with me as the venue ones we'rent great, but still worked none the less. On ther whole though, I though The Pilgrim was great. :D
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