13:15 Upstairs AComedyTapas

13:15 Upstairs AComedyTapas

Postby CHRIS O NEILL » 24 Feb 2017, 10:39

Space: Excellent
Location: Excellent
Staff: Excellent
Tech: Excellent
Audience: Very good

OVERALL – this was one of two shows that I had with PBHff at the fringe. This was my first year with the AComedyTapas format. The location and time were really perfect for the show which was a carefully planned compilation show wth a focus on the needs of the audience and the acts.

Overall - EXCELLENT venue staff. The staff were friendly and supportive. They were helpful on the few occasions I needed any help or information. They served drink quickly to the audience so there were no delays to the show starting and the venue was open on time every day. Given the late night nature of the venue this was a credit to them


Tech is brilliant - full lighting and sound rig. I did not need it. One or two comics who had music in their sets or needed a second mic were facilitated instantly and perfectly. If you're taking a basic comedy show (no projections etc) they have more than you need. The tech is operated from the back, giving your technician full view of the stage. Deano, the tech guy at Opium is also really helpful and an actual pleasure to work with.

CONS – I had no problems with the venue at all. There was nothing that I could change for the better. On the first morning the guys in the previous show next door (Sneaky Petes) over ran causing some queue problem for my neighbours but that did not happen again as the situation as clarified for them by the act following and myself. I do know that acts later in the day have had queue overflow problem when jollyboat are on in no 69 (Movement in 2016) on the other side so that is something to be aware of an discuss with the bar staff so that the queue management is proactive and avoids the door being blocked
My show started at 13:15. The venue only opened at 13:00 so some early arrivals needed to be dispatched to the nearby cowshed to listen to music but they did come back.

I was pleased with the money but perversely the bigger crowds at the weekends gave less than the early mid week crowds who seemed to appreciate the effort in the structure of the show.

I had AComedyTapas in the big book and about half the audience came from the app. A large majority of the rest came from the wee blue book. I had a very effective flyerer but that was by a distance the third source of audience. That reflects the compilation nature of the show and the time of day.

I had an excellent first fringe outing with AComedyTapas and am looking forward to being back next year. So are many of the acts who gained punters from their performances.
If anyone has any other questions feel free to contact me on funnynaas@hotmail.com or pick me up on FB

Again thanks to all at PBHff who made my 2016 fringe a joy.
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