18.15 - A Taste of Planet Caramel (Upstairs Room)

18.15 - A Taste of Planet Caramel (Upstairs Room)

Postby MangoLimbo » 17 Feb 2017, 14:08

Note: we've been here for 2 years now and nothing much changed in year 2 so this is just our show report copied from 2015.

Opium is a heavy metal / alternative rock nightclub with an upstairs room that can seat around 50 but can hold around 100 with standing.

The stage is fantastic as the place is normally used for music gigs during the year. Black cloth is provided by the venue to make two back stage areas either side of the stage. There's a raised area at the front of the stage which is perfect for hiding props (or people, as we did). The venue also provided storage for all props and flyers if need be. I think it is the perfect venue for sketch comedy.

This venue is pretty unique in providing its own tech guy, Deano, who also did all the work in setting up the room. He's obviously paid to be there and so was more than happy to tech our show fully. Since we live in Edinburgh we were able to get run throughs in the venue before the Fringe – I'm not sure how practical this would be for other groups but I think Deano was more than happy to help them out if need be. The rest of the staff in the venue also couldn't have been more friendly and helpful.

The venue is very well located with 2 other Free Fringe venues right next door and Cowgatehead and Underbelly just a stone's throw away. Cowgate itself provided a constant stream of people to flyer and just over an hour of flyering would usually be enough to pretty much fill the room. It's also probably worth flyering on Grassmarket too.

The only thing I'd make sure future performers keep an eye on is the door to the room. Audience are free to move in and out of the room as they please and this can often be a problem in the set-up period between shows and for late night shows when the bar is full downstairs and people are looking for upstairs to be open as a club already. This is normally solved by a simple sign on the door though.

Bucket takings were healthy and certainly an improvement upon some venues we've been in previously.
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