Great Venue, great location (back room).

Great Venue, great location (back room).

Postby aclevene » 13 Sep 2016, 08:05

I was in the Back Room. Second time there. Would definitely go back a third. Great location on cowgate with lots of footfall (although you are competing with loads of other shows). The venue staff are awesome, especially Deano the tech. Room holds around 30-40 fully packed out. My best bucket was £90 at the weekends. But during the week it's more like £10-30. I was on at 13:45 this year. The room has been completely refitted since last year. They've gotten rid of the booths which mean you no longer have audience facing away from the stage. I do think someone with a better bucket speech and better show would get better buckets. The venue itself doesn't allow kids under 16. They give you free soft drinks but have no food. The equipment they provide is good but I bought my own lights. You can control the audience lights from back stage so as to leave them in the dark with your own spot left on, on stage. There is also a way to do an off stage mike and off stage music so it's very professional looking.

If you have any other questions about this venue feel free to email me at
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