Professional Auditioner 20:35-21:35

Professional Auditioner 20:35-21:35

Postby Dtsonos » 11 Oct 2016, 16:13

This is a difficult one because I don’t want to be all negative so please read the other reviews and do not just take my opinion of the room.

Over all I did not enjoy the venue, it did have its good points though. I was at 20:35-21:35 and a had a power point comedy show type, so I needed people’s attention and I had problems with drunk people at the show especially on Saturday nights (One show a woman thought the show was called "Professional Auctioneer") except on the last Saturday when I simply did not Flyer people and only performed for those who were there for the show. Also on my last Sunday I discouraged a group of 4 from coming because they seemed intoxicated, it turned out they were friends with the owners and the owners were displeased with me. The owners were not the most helpful they said they would get us a spotlight and one week in to the Fringe they brought an Ikea table lamp that was all but useless. Also one day the owners and friends came to my show but were intoxicated and disruptive. They even brought a dog and the dog was barking half way through and had to leave. I had asked them several times to at least post the shows on their facebook pages or twitter pages, they nodded their heads but then it was never done.

The venue had its good points, we were allowed to do what we wanted with the room and we were all there for set up so everyone had a say in how to set up the room. The chairs we were given were big so we fit just under 40 people in the room smaller chairs could of squeezed in a few more. Three of us used a projector and screen and the room turned out to be a pretty good little cinema room and then we put the PBH backdrop over the screen which made for a good backdrop when we did straight stand up. The bucket money was good most people put a fiver in and seemed pleased with the show, some of the staff were helpful, flyering helped get a few people in in the last 15 minutes before the show started. This venue came up to late to be in the big book and I did not invest in the app so all I had was the wee blue book, exit flyering all the compilation shows that I did and flyering out front of the venue.

Mondays were ok, I took Tuesdays off, but Wednesday and Thursdays were dead. Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays were fine for numbers. This is a delicate room to book, I am not even sure the owners were happy with the fringe it seemed to be an after thought of well maybe it will bring in a few people. We were next to The Stand and often confused for the Stand I’m not sure if that caused any friction or not.
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