13.10: Tom Little - Chicken Supreme? No, It Isn't.

13.10: Tom Little - Chicken Supreme? No, It Isn't.

Postby Tom Little » 17 Sep 2016, 23:02

This was my first time doing a show on the Free Fringe and I was really happy with my venue and time slot (13.10-14.00). The staff at Nightcap were very friendly and helpful and the room itself was very nice. It was a separate room in the basement, away from the main bar. It seated about 40 but was a nice size and shape so that it didn’t need many in to feel like there were ‘enough.’

I flyered for about 45 minutes outside every day and usually had a guest spot that’d flyer with me. Most of the people walking past the venue though didn’t seem to be looking for a free show – they were either on the way to work or looking for The Stand – but we did get enough people in through flyering for it to still feel worth doing. I’d say most of the people who came to see my show though came because they saw it in the Wee Blue Book, and some from the Fringe App as well. Some days I’d be struggling to flyer people for 40 minutes and then 5 minutes before the start, groups holding wee blue books would turn up and say ‘Yes, this is the show we’re looking for,’ and I’d end up with a decent audience, a lot of whom I hadn’t had to flyer at all.

My smallest audience was 9 (on the last Wednesday), followed by a few that were 10-15 but I think most were around 20-30 and once on the second Saturday I got a full room with people standing up that I think must have been about 50 people. I didn’t have to pull any shows.

My one worry with this venue was that with it being a bit far out from the other free venues, people looking for a free show just wouldn’t walk anywhere near it, as they’d all be gravitating around Cowgate instead. It was certainly true most people walking past weren’t looking for a free show and I wasn’t able to persuade them. The other side of this coin though is that the people who happened to be in this part of town around 1pm and were looking for a free show had fewer shows to choose from that weren’t a bit of a walk away, so it felt like they were more likely to choose mine. As this was my first Free Fringe, I’ve no experience of other venues to compare it to, so I don’t know whether being a bit far out was a bad thing or good thing overall, but as I was happy with the audience sizes I was getting it certainly didn’t feel like the problem I thought it might be.

I might have benefitted from the time-slot as well. It seemed like a lot of the bigger names were doing their shows later in the day, which meant audiences seemed happier to take a chance on a free show by an act they’ve not heard of earlier on. But again, as this was my first Fringe, I’m just speculating here. I definitely felt that an early afternoon time slot suited my act though.

So yes, overall I was really happy with my venue and time. Thanks for having me.
Tom Little
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