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Postby Feature » 12 Jul 2007, 21:43

My problem is i have a slot with the free fringe but my partner dropped out so now i have no show and have to drop out. So i'm lookin for any people who can help fill the slot.

Please help, I'm in a state of arghhh!!

Your friendly neighbourhood Adam
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Postby Jeff i Hunt » 13 Jul 2007, 08:26

Firstly you'll get more luck emailing the Free Fringe people, hardly anyone reads (or responds) to stuff posted on here.
I don't know what PBH has said to you, has he got anyone in reserve, like reservists?
Jeff i Hunt
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Postby Feature » 13 Jul 2007, 12:57

PBH just told me to sort i and to contact people on forum, try and get guest slots etc.
I shall email everyone, thanks for the advice

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