EDINBURGH FRINGE PERFORMERS: Do you have a story to tell?

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EDINBURGH FRINGE PERFORMERS: Do you have a story to tell?

Postby amy@filmlive » 23 Jul 2009, 14:48

I am producing a documentary film over the Edinburgh Fringe this year which will be distributed to film festivals around the world and shown online.

I am looking for people who are putting on a show this year and have an interesting story to tell.

Are you;

Facing challenges in performing at the 2009 Fringe?

Have you risked everything to put on a show this year?

Are you doing a really unusual/controversial show?

Filming will take place between 8th August and 22nd August. We would follow you as you promote and perform your show.

If you think you are right for the project, please email amy@filmlive.tv or call Amy on 07552180294 with the following information;

- A brief personal background. (How did you get to where you are now, what are your motivations?)
- Details of the show.
- A brief statement on why you would suit the project.
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