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Postby JoeAbel » 01 Sep 2008, 21:46

Both venues in Haymarket could probably make a thing about being on the Fringe of the Fringe, and also as part of the Free Fringe, which is on the Fringe of the Fringe of the Fringe. Clinging on by the fingertips. Obviously no one's more or less in the Fringe than anyone else, distance from the centre of something is not a status symbol of any kind, but there was definitely a perception amongst punters that the Fringe happens either side of Waverly Bridge rather than in the entire city. Incidentally, the Laughing Horse website talks about PBH as: "the original Free Show compere and his more eccentric views", which means, far from the centre. So... on the Fringe? ... arch&meta=

This year the big 4 Comedy Festival decided it didn't want to be part of a multi-platform arts event and someone was trying to explain to me how this related to some Old Town/New Town conflict in the festival. Simmilarly, I've tried to explain to confused or disinterested people how there's a difference between the Festival and the Fringe, which gets complicated when you tell them that the Fringe is bigger. Or at least I think it is. Was there something happening other than the Tatoo (trained killers in skirts, dancing, with swords, what's not to like) and some Arts events which are for some reason... not Fringe... or not Festival.

So anyway, this being one of the fringeyest fringe events at the fringe, anybody got any thoughts? How is something this big still at the fringe of anything? It's the norm, the centre of international performance in August. I was fairly happy to be on the Fringe of that.

Does anyone, when they were talking to other performers at pay venues, get the feeling that those performers were thinking we were some kind of charity case because of how the Free Fringe was percieved, and we treated them as a charity case because they lost huge amounts of money? I got that impression from one conversation.

Apparently the big 4 are putting in measures to make sure performers lost less money. Presumably the first step towards that is them taking less money? Which is how they try to justify the split, trying to find new sponsors, because Magners are obviously short a few quid or something.

Anyway, I was writing the show report and this was the stuff I cut out that was completely irrelevant to that discussion area.

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