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Website update

Postby admin » 16 Jun 2008, 18:57


Thanks to all of you that have registered at the Free Fringe web site. About half of the shows did this, which was great. However, I needed to add the other 70 or so shows that had not registered in order to reflect the complete programme.

In order to try to do this, I was forced to merge some databases, which can be problematic. Some of you may have experienced some weirdness over the last few days. This should have settled down now, but there still might be the odd problem, so please get in touch if you spot anything.

I'd also like to encourage you to be polite when you email me. Most of you have been, but there has been the odd one.

I'm doing this all in my own time for free, and its quite a complex site. There's only one of me, and timescales are tight, so I'm going to be making some mistakes (Especially as I am particularly rubbish at SQL, which we need to use). Please be assured that I'll fix all problems, and reply to all emails, eventually.

Problems will get fixed, just sometimes not very quickly.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon, and sharing a few beers.


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