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Street Performace at the Fringe

Postby scarletlights » 01 Jun 2008, 21:45

Hey all.

Just wondered if the PBH FF has a slot in the street performance diary already?

I'm sure most of you have seen the latest bulletin from the fringe?

High Street
Are you interested in promoting your show on the High Street during the Fringe for free? Come August, the High Street is packed with buskers, performers and audience members. We have three stages where you can show extracts of your production to the crowds as additional promotion.

As the stages are in demand, the Fringe Office allocates 20 minute slots to performers. Each slot gives you 5 minutes to introduce your act and 15 minutes on stage. Fringe performers' stages will be open from 11.30am to 6.30pm every day from Saturday 2 to Monday 25 August. You can download the application form by clicking HERE.

We would like to get some air time down on the High Street and fancy applying for this, just wanted to check that the FF hasn't already got a slot some place that we would all rotate days on or something to that effect?

Thanks all,
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Postby PBH » 02 Jun 2008, 14:09

No, we haven't booked a collective slot on the High Street stages.

It's much easier for people to do this individually if they want to.

These High Street stages have no PA and have to compete with many other distractions including street performers and leafleters. Anybody who has a one-person standup act is well advised not to do these stages, since individual words are often difficult to hear. Anybody who's more visual or who uses music, however, can play them to good advantage.

Fringe Sunday is another thing you should all get to do if at all possible. For the last couple of years, the booking policy has been to favour acts new to the Fringe. The Stand-up tent and the Cabaret Tent are the places to play; sketches to Cabaret and stand-up to Stand-up, obviously.

Whether you're playing or not, come to Fringe Sunday to leaflet for the Free Fringe and for your own show. It's worth the effort; Fringe Sunday is where the Edinburghers go in droves, especially if the weather's good.
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