Headliner wanted for small (but lovely) gig

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Headliner wanted for small (but lovely) gig

Postby Jez_S » 18 Nov 2007, 13:40


We're looking for someone to headline our gig in Durham called CoolFun on Sunday 25th November.

Its a lovely little gig in front of a regular crowd of fifty+. Although we essentially run it at cost so we wouldn't be able to pay very much, probably about £20-30 plus travel expenses. (not much I know!)

Its run by myself and Jenni Armstrong, we ran a show at the Fringe this year, and Matt Crosby from Pappy's said it was, "one of the best gigs in Edinburgh" and Josie Long said we were "two of the most exciting new comedians around!"

Its a night that really encourages new and quirky writing, its essentially a student crowd, but they will really go anywhere that you want to take them!

Its a really lovely gig, with an audience who are really up for it, my e-mail is:- j.a.scharf@dur.ac.uk

Really look forward to hearing from you,

Jez Scharf
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