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Postby danny.worthington » 30 Mar 2007, 07:59

saifabukandil wrote:whats the website where i submit my 40 words and make the payment? :?

It is on the performers pages at under "programme" on the lefthand navigation menu.

I don't think you can access that page without being logged in and having previously registered as a performer on the public pages under "perform at the fringe" on the lefthand navigation menu.

I have emailed you a copy of the fringe copy form. This would need to be at the fringe office for 2nd April to obtain the early booking discount. You should register as a performer on the website as it gives you access to useful information about putting on a show, lets you use the on-line copy form submission, means that the fringe office will keep you up-to-date with any news/changes about the fringe and you get access to some performers only discussion forums.
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