PBH Free Fringe Comedy Night in London

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PBH Free Fringe Comedy Night in London

Postby steviep » 13 Sep 2007, 14:15

Hi All,

Good news, there will be a PBH Freen Fringe comedy show every thrid Tuesday at Ryan's Bar, Stoke Newington Chruch Street.

The show will not be exclusively for free fringers but obviously you guys get firsts dibbs on spots.

Here are the dates of the rest of the shows for this year

Tuesday 18th Sept, Tuesday 23rd Oct (Oddly there are 5 tuesdays in Oct so this is in fact the 4th tuesday. this hiccup will level out in the coming months), tues 20th, dec 18th.

Obviously the first show is NEXT Tuesday, I am a away from tomorrow and have obviously had no chance to publicise it (nor book it as I only got the confirmation of dates this week). We should get some audience though!

I suggest that for next Tuesday we use it as a bit of a free Fringe get together gig where anyone who wants to play can and those who want to just come along for a drink can too.

If anyone does want to do a spot then please let me know so I can work out a rough bill. please pop your name on the text to incase I don;t have your number in my phone.

Doors are at 8.30 show starts at 9. hope to see you all there!

Viva la Free Fringe!


I also need help with the running of the shows. If anyone fancies helping out with either booking acts, preparing the room on the night or by getting listings to Time Out, Chortle etc then I'd be most grateful

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