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Postby danny.worthington » 28 Mar 2007, 13:37

Well, my forty words have been submitted, so now it's just a matter of sitting back and waiting till August...isn't it? I mean apart from the writing material....and the booking acts....and the sorting the accomodation...and transport....and flyers (not sure about that one, may rely on Free Fringe flyers)...and show copy for the Free Fringe leaflet...and Press releases (do I need those this year?) Still I suppose I better get busy.

Nice website by the way, be much better once it's got more words on it.
Five sign ups to the forum and counting. If that's everyone then I'm guessing each venue has one show. That can't be right. Be interesting to see who else signs up.

I'm planning to have the most fun Edinburgh festival ever. Hope the same goes for eveyone else, heed PBH's advice in his parody song about Edinburgh "Living In The Love Of The Comedy People" - 'Better to remember a fun filled Edinburgh than sell your soul for a national name'
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