What happens when you don't show up.

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What happens when you don't show up.

Postby PBH » 31 Aug 2007, 22:17

I've just discovered this blog from a supporter of ours:

[i]I took H's BF's wife to see a PBH free fringe thing on Friday. It was an effort, as I had Baby and needed to be sure that she would be unconscious at the right time. We had to get to the venue, buy a drink (you don't want to just hang around without something in your hand to make you look sociable), poke Baby awake to give her milk so she would go back to sleep (trust me, it was necessary), and then ... the act didn't show up. The management at the venue were sympathetic and exasperated - apparently it's happened regularly. Sorry, but if I was part of a show that had found a relatively cheap way to be part of the Fringe, I would not treat the organisers, venue or audience with that kind of contempt. It makes me wary of going to future Free Fringe events, because I can't afford to waste that time and effort - and money, because even if the show's free I still have other expenses - if there's a risk it's going to be pointless. Hmph. 'It's free but I want my money back' was nearly this blog's title, [/i]

She's right. And I'm steaming. Whoever you are, you've let us all down.
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