Scotland trip, Dec 2014

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Scotland trip, Dec 2014

Postby jonthecelt » 25 Nov 2014, 14:24

Hi, All.

First of all, let me introduce myself. I'm Jon Lane, one of the directors of Dreamcatcher Horror Theatre, a Grand-Guignol company based down in Devon. This year, we took our first show up to Edinburgh Fringe, and performed for two weeks at theSpace@Symposium Hall. We had a great run, and lots of fantastic feedback, and we plan on coming up again.

We took away a lot from our Edinburgh experiences: and one of them, for me, is that I wanted to get involved in the Free Fringe. I saw some incredible shows being put on by this group (the Mechanisms, Lock-in Cabaret, James Ross' Unicornucopia, and Spontaneitease, to name but a few), and the ethos of the PBH Free Fringe really struck a chord with me. So, I discussed the idea of taking our show onto the Free Fringe for 2015 with the rest of my company. They were less keen, and wanted to stay with theSpace (who were really helpful and friendly to us, but it cost us a LOT of money). So, we came to a compromise...

Next year, we're planning to bring not one, but two shows to the Fringe. Our Grand Guignol-inspired adaptation of titus Andronicus will be performed on the paid Fringe at theSpace, and I will perform my own, self-written piece on the Free Fringe (my application should be going in in the next week or so).

So far, so self-promotional. Here's the thing I wanted to ask anyone here, though. I'm coming up to Scotland next week, to do some recce-ing for the Titus production, and to meet with the people I'm planning to have help me with my show. Is there anyone involved on the Free Fringe admin side, who would be available to meet up and talk to me while I'm in the area? I arrive in Edinburgh on the 29th November, and I'm leaving on Sunday 7th December. If there's anyone who's available to meet up, chat, and hear my ideas and give me feedback, I'd really apprecaite it. Failing that, if anyone wants to just get in touch on here as well, then that would be awesome.

Many thanks,

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