Open Spots at the Free Fringe

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Open Spots at the Free Fringe

Postby Joel_Ross » 30 May 2007, 19:42

Would it be possible for anyone who has a show which is allowing open spots, to put a post up on this thread, so a list can be compiled of where and when any are available. Similarly, for those that are pre-booking their spots and still have any available, could they also put up a post.

I am coming to Edinburgh for the w/c 20/8/07. I have some spots with Muckcomedy at the Mercat, but am hoping to play as many as possible. I realise that it's quite likely that no more will come to light, but if anyone knows of anything, I (and I suspect a number of others) would be really grateful for a Heads Up.

Cheers :)
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Postby James Christopher » 15 Jun 2007, 13:13

Can I second this? Currently furiously gig-hunting.
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open spots

Postby graham.rice1 » 30 May 2008, 13:10

hey guys. this is Graham rice from Three Graduates and a Drop-out. (nicol edwards banqueting hall 1730-1830) We are considering doing open spots but they are likely only to arise if one of us wants a night off. I'll post opportunities here as and when they arise which is likely only to be once we're in edinburgh if at all. cheers graham rice
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Postby PBH » 02 Jun 2008, 14:11

There will be a list of Free Fringe shows seeking guest spots along with the Free Fringe contact list, currently being compiled by Mark Logan.

Do not panic. Neither the Free Fringe nor the Fringe in general is short of places to play.
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Postby matt price » 21 Jul 2008, 22:50


I'm looking for spots to try out new material too.


matt price
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From Monday 4th We will have a free slot every day

Postby bobslayer » 31 Jul 2008, 09:07

From Monday 4th We will have a free slot every day - come down to our show, introduce yourself before the show, have a banter with Bob Slayer during and we will give you the stage...
(Of course bring a few flyers...)

Bob SLayer & Guests - pre-arranged and otherwise
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18:30 (1 hr) FREE (PBH FREE FRINGE)
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