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Press Pack - Help!

Postby Keith Numbers » 08 May 2007, 08:56

Any advice on this from the seasoned professionals out there? What to put in it, who to send it to etc.

Would be greatly appreciated.
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Keith Numbers
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Postby Nick » 09 May 2007, 17:33

Beat me to asking..

It looks daunting at best..?
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Postby danny.worthington » 10 May 2007, 18:08

Wouldn't consider myself a seasoned veteran but our "Press Pack" for desperately seeking sorrow in 2005 consisted of the press release and our publicity shots. I paid someone to write it and she also emailed it out to selected press contacts supplied by the fringe office I think.

Edit:- Having done some more digging I discovered that I recieved this email on 10 June 2005; I guess that whoever is registered as a press contact for your shows will recieve a similar message this year after the programme launch. I have the 2005 list but some of it is likely to be out of date.


Hello Fringe Press Contact,

Welcome to the Fringe 2005, the biggest arts festival on Earth.

Attached to this email is the Swiss Army knife of press tools! The Media Contact List. This list provides you with contact details of all the press covering this year's Fringe. However before you go off emailing and ringing everyone on the list there are a few rules to the list.

The Rules of the Media Contact List!

1. Send all releases in the body of your email where releases are requested in email format.
2. Only contact journalists via preferred contact method (listed under ‘pref’)
3. Save your own time and journalists' by targeting your mailings.
4. Send news stories to those contacts with an X in News
5. Send photocall releases to those with an X in Pics
6. Reviewers will have no need for your jpegs and because they clog email accounts will probably ignore your release on the strength of this annoyance.

Plan out your press strategy. Bombarding every publication, everyday is likely to do more harm than good. Target papers that think will be interested in your show. It is a waste of time and effort trying to get a national broadsheet to cover a story when an alternative paper may be more appropriate.

If you haven’t sent your Press Packs to us yet please send them to

Thank you to everyone who sent in videos for our programme launch, although we couldn’t use everybody’s clips, we were able to produce a great video for the launch.

Happy Press Hunting!

The Fringe Press Team


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Postby PBH » 10 May 2007, 19:51

See "How to sell a show in the Fringe". It has lots of good material.
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