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Free Fringe fundraising gigs

Postby Paul B Edwards » 13 Sep 2012, 01:45

Hi there,

An awful lot of us run gigs throughout the year. It wouldn't be that hard for us to give up the profits from one of those shows to put toward to the cost of the brochure. Might I suggest we all put together a night of PBH FF acts and give the profits directly into the fund? This could even become an unofficial PBHFF tour that benefited from e-flyering etc. and would take minimal effort to organise.

If that's not possible (lack of FF acts willing to help), then why not simply cover the cost of your show and put any profits into the pot?

Something to think about for 2013, perhaps. Personally I don't mind the £3 per show levy in lieu of advertising but this might be a way to get it down/eradicated. £20K is 100 shows raising £200 each. I realise not everyone could make this in a night but a LOT could.

Those performers who don't run shows themselves could put on a single night in their local pub. If nothing else it would give them the experience of running a gig that might make them a little more thankful for what is currently often taken for granted up in Edinburgh. I also realise not everyone could contribute equally but EVERY little bit helps.

Paul B Edwards
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