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Map of all Free Fringe 2012 venues

PostPosted: 25 Jul 2012, 13:47
by DanQ
Hi everybody,

I've put together a map of all of the Free Fringe 2012 venues, including links to the event lists at each. It's powered by Google Maps, so that means that it'll work in your mobile phone (and if you've got GPS, you can get directions to and from anywhere too). Or, if you're a huge geek, you can export it all as KML for Google Earth or for your Geocaching software or SatNav or whatever.

The map is at:

Needless to say, this isn't an official Free Fringe production and it's not my fault if you walk off a cliff trying to find somewhere that I've marked on a map. :lol:

Re: Map of all Free Fringe 2012 venues

PostPosted: 23 Mar 2013, 09:31
by lily7
Official meetings should be done at daytime and should be decorated formally.