Looking for guest spots - please can you consider me?

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Looking for guest spots - please can you consider me?

Postby Jane Walker » 26 Jun 2012, 12:22


Probably not only being cheeky but also posting in the wrong place, but here goes...

I've been a Free Fringer for a few years now, but this year (apart from a v.limited 3 show run) am mostly just doing guest spots.

Some of you - who know me - have already been kind enough to offer me some spots at multi-bill shows (thank you!).

If any one else have a multi-bill show or is looking for someone to do guest spots / emergency cover etc etc, please bear me in mind.

I've been gigging for a few years, get regular weekends at my local clubs and in terms of guest spots am happy to do 5s or 10s (or anything in between).

Can supply more info on request.


PS - I MAY be able to offer a spot in return at one of those three dates mentioned above if you get in touch soon-ish!
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