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Hampstead Festival

Postby Elise Harris » 03 Apr 2012, 12:45

The organisers of the Hampstead festival have approached me to do some
comedy on July 15. After a meeting where we looked around
various venues it seems there is room to have several full length
shows in various venues around South End Green throughout the day. I
suggested that people bringing shows to Edinburgh might like to
preview shows there.

I have a list of venues that have agreed to have shows as well as some
that are still negotiating with the organisers. May I approach Free
Fringers to see who would like to perform? We could do it under the
PBH Free Fringe banner, though you wouldn't need to do any of the
organisation as that seems to be in hand. Some venues seem to allow
collections though others (eg Starbucks) are not so keen on that bit.
Most of the festival is collecting for either the Anthony Nolan Bone
Marrow Trust or the library fund.

It would be a good way to get a London presence and highlight the
Edinburgh shows.

At present we would probably need 6 or 7 shows at most, though there
are opportunities for more.The venues are all cafes and pubs at the
moment and all seem to have reasonable spaces as long as people are
not expecting too much. They mostly don't have sound equipment though. Simple shows with not too many people and good projection preferred!
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Re: Hampstead Festival

Postby Elise Harris » 12 Apr 2012, 15:34

Still looking for shows - if you are free on July 15th can you contact me through a Private message? Thanks!
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