Is it worth being in the big Fringe Programme?

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Is it worth being in the big Fringe Programme?

Postby David_Alnwick » 26 Jan 2012, 14:54

So I am going up this year with three friends performing in a sketch show. Although we all have separate Fringe experience this is the first time going up as a group. The show will be a sketch comedy show. We're aware that we will be in the free fringe programme automatically and are glad for it but are still in debate as to whether or not to be in the full big programme. As far as I can tell the main points in this argument are:

1. Cost
2. Exposure to reviewers
3. Eligible for awards
4. Bums on seats
5. Access to the fringe centre

Is there anything I have missed?

Two of us are student and two of us are self employed performers. Is it a high cost for a low return or does it merit the advantages?

Advice please?
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Re: Is it worth being in the big Fringe Programme?

Postby Paul B Edwards » 27 Feb 2012, 16:07

I'm currently not going to pay to go in the Fringe Programme this year. I didn't see a single audience member come to my show with it under their arm - everyone had one of my flyers or the brilliant Free Fringe brochure, which it cannot be stressed enough is quite marvellous and needs all of our hard work to continue to be a success.

The only thing the Fringe programme brought me was two reviews from "The Skinny" and "Three Weeks", neither of which appeared until my show had all but finished. My show was full most days regardless of the fact and I had a fantastic time.

There is still time for me to be swayed but previous experience is leaving me erring on the side of not bothering. PBH is right in suspecting we are unlikely to get reviewed if we are not in the big brochure. If you need to get reviews, you probably need to shell out the cash.
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