Any advice for newbies?

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Any advice for newbies?

Postby Keith Numbers » 25 Apr 2007, 11:10

We're doing our first Edinburgh show this year - any old hands got any sage advice you could give us? It would all be much appreciated.

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Postby PBH » 26 Apr 2007, 18:09

Well, I'll start this one off:

Enjoy it. If you go thinking that your time is wasted unless somebody discovers you, then you'll have a nervous breakdown. Just entertain the people in front of you. Word will get around.

Carry leaflets at all times. People will ask you about your show.

Never force leaflets on people. It's a waste, and they won't come to the show anyway. But do leaflet regularly. You're at the Ivanhoe, so Princes Street and the half-price ticket booth are good places.

See other people's shows. Co-operate with everybody else on the Free Fringe.

Choose whether or not to read reviews. And, if you do, don't take them to heart. They're much less important than almost everybody thinks.

Take vitamins.

Wear the sort of modern shoes that cushion and spring your feet. You'll need that for the hills. I must take that advice myself.

Live life at least 50% faster than usual. If you're not exhausted at the end of a Fringe run, you haven't done it properly.

Do not fly-post.

Take all performing opportunities that present themselves.

Do not be easily disappointed. At least one major thing will go wrong; you just don't know what it is yet.

No matter how good you are, somebody is going to not like your show. They may even tell you. Do not be fazed by this. Give them their money back.

Enjoy it. If you don't enjoy performing, you shouldn't be performing.

Well, that's my contribution. Anybody else?

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Postby comedyandthat » 30 Apr 2007, 13:50

If, at any point, you feel an urge for comfort food and are skint, the Mosque near the university campus does a huge amount of awesome curry for a couple of quid and Monster Mash on Forest Road is the best place for sausage and mash imaginable.

Not really fringe advice as such, but good to know! :D
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