14.15 Me Plus One - Improv With Two People

14.15 Me Plus One - Improv With Two People

Postby markcraig » 14 Jan 2018, 13:36

(Written September 2016)

Me Plus One - Improv With Two People
The Banana Skin 14.15
August 6-28

My second time running this show as part of the Free Fringe and it was a better experience for me in almost every way!

The venue was great, a basment space below a soon-to-beopening comedy club. An amazing location just off the Royal Mile, with a very enthusiastic staff who provided their own promotion for the venue with flyers, dedicated flyerers and even free bananas! The room itself had a very small corner stage that I eventually just moved out of the way, as it wasn't really conducive to my show, but I saw stand-ups using it with not problem. There was a dedicated bar area before entering, which along with the staff made the changeovers between shows completely seamless. Overall, more than you could ever want from a Free Fringe venue!

The show was my two-person longform improv show, with a different guest every day. After the previous year I felt much more confident aboutdoing this show and was very proud of every performance. I was able to get an amazing selection of guests from all over the country (and a visiting American) that were a joy to work with.

Attendance varied from a full room on weekends to one show with only three audience members, but generally averaged near twenty. Once again, I flyered for this show alone and when I do the show again, I will definitely hire someone to do this due to commitments to other shows. I feel I was lucky with the location and the venues own promotion to get the audiences I did, perforing to around 500 people in total.

My buckets were significantly healthier than last year, as a result of better numbers and better shows. Obviously smaller audiences tended to give smaller amounts, but one of biggest money-making days had only 16 people in, so it really is worth putting on your best show no matter how manyp eople are there! I was able to offer all of my guests something while still making a very decent profit, which allowed me to make a large voluntary contribution to the Free Fringe while still paying all my costs atl east twice over. Very happy.

The Banana Skin (and I'd presume their larger upstairs space) could be a very strong venue for the Free Fringe for ears to come, with its location and dedicated staff. Highly recommended.
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