Liquid Rooms (Warehouse) - Wild Cabaret

Liquid Rooms (Warehouse) - Wild Cabaret

Postby Shantisha » 21 Jan 2017, 18:32

I felt super lucky to be in that venue as I totally loved it when I first saw it in 2015 and really wanted to perform there. Enormous thanks to Luke Meredith for arranging everything and the Liquid Rooms for taking our show in on a very short notice in 2016 after another venue let us down - and making us feel so welcome too!

The place itself is lovely and very atmospheric: spacious 100-120 seater (movable chairs), fantastic high ceilings, completely blacked-out with amazing sound system and lights and an uplifted stage (about 0.8-1 m high, hidden stairs on one side, a movable box provided to step on if needed elsewhere). The stage is really nice and big, about 4x15 m (these are just rough estimates, better check with the venue for more precision). Apart from the normal seats there are also some leather-covered benches along one of the walls (could be used to fit in more audience - or in our case for the guest performers to get ready for the show with their props etc.). There is also a bar opposite the stage (behind all the seats) - I'm not quite sure if they served drinks during the show (probably not, people generally brought the drinks in from the beer garden upstairs), but there was always someone there and they were very nice and helpful (gave us water when we asked etc.)

:D Many thanks go to the fantastic staff at the Liquid Rooms for managing the place so well and being super kind to us! Special thanks to Tom Kemp for everything he did for us! We will be more than happy to perform at the Liquid Rooms again.

:!: Important to know: if you happen to perform in this venue you might consider splitting the costs with other shows to put up some clear sign posting. It's not really obvious where the entrance is so you might have to work hard to get the audience in from the streets and to make sure they don't get lost along the way (it's really close to the main streets, but just somewhat hidden away like so many places in Edinburgh are).
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