JJ Whitehead- Fool Disclosure

JJ Whitehead- Fool Disclosure

Postby JJWhitehead » 15 Sep 2016, 16:06

-Super comfortable room, one of the best you’ll find on the Fringe
-Outstanding staff who are a great deal of fun and help
-good storage area to the side of stage
-lovely beer garden
-Good community of performers

-It is difficult to find. It is also difficult to direct people to the garden because access through an alley is obscured by bins and poorly signed.
-There is no access from Cowgate (like previous years) where 1000s of Fringe goers are passing on foot every day. If you can’t capitalize on passing traffic it can be difficult. There isn’t even a presence on Cowgate.
-There is no postering/advertising outside the venue. The only place for venue posters are inside the Garden or the obscured alley walls. September promoters have paid for the billboard outside so it's off limits and the main entrance isn't used.

I would also definitely recommend going in the Fringe brochure as well as The Wee Blue Book. You need to advertise as much as possible for this venue because it is a ‘destination venue’ and not a spontaneous one any more.

The staff and the general community at this venue make it a top notch destination. Thanks to everyone at the liquid Room and to Paul B and PBH for giving me a great intro to the Free Fringe approach.
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