Stu Goldsmith: "Compared To What"

Stu Goldsmith: "Compared To What"

Postby StuGoldsmith » 10 Sep 2016, 14:23

Easily my favourite FF venue thus far.

The staff couldn't be faulted; they ran the queue, radioed up and down to let people in to our specification, and were incredible friendly and also very responsive when things needed to be changed. Within reason of course - the new system of one entrance via their beer garden worked well for me but I understand other acts would have preferred the lower fire door opened as an entrance. This would have disadvantaged me, so it's difficult to be objective about it, but I do understand their desire to funnel all punters through one destination with a bar. They wouldn't budge on the new system, and I think that frustrated some acts, but I felt it was in my favour.

The lights are not sophisticated from a performance perspective, but did the simple job I required (general wash, house lights up and down at a switch at the rear of the room) very well. There weren't many other options, but it did fine for me.

The room looks nicer when you're onstage than it does from the audience, but I didn't make any attempt to dress it, just had basic blacks against the back wall.

Capacity was initially 100 seated and maybe 15 standing, and then 10 days into the fringe we put in another row of ten chairs at the front.

My show was at 3.45pm and there was a good deal of foot traffic on cowgate and victoria st. I flyered at the top entrance on victoria st, and also on cowgate and the road that winds up via a staircase from victoria st to the high st to achieve maximum coverage.

Pack down was swiftly and easily acheived; staff only too happy to help.

Many thanks to John, Angus, Connor, Kim, and all the other staff - I had a brilliant year.
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