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Postby Elliot-Bibby » 23 Feb 2017, 17:44

The Venue
The Liquid Room Annexe - a great location, in the centre of Edinburgh. The entrance this year was from the top of stairs which was better than in previous years from Cowgate. I found it worked better as it meant other people weren't walking through the middle of my show and into another one.

The Performance Area
The room held about 90 seated,and had space for about 30/35 standing at the back and edges. After the first few days another row of seats at the from was added due to some shows being really busy.
There is a narrow pillar in the middle of the room, but it wasn't a problem as I moved around stage, and people adjusted to see me.

The Staff At The Venue
The staff at Liquid Rooms were absolutely fantastic. They always had a smile on their faces, and always helped out, and gave that little bit extra which wasn't expected of them. They took control at certain points and were guiding audiences into shows, and shouting that shows were about to start. Overall I couldn't of asked for better staff - I think you would be very hard pushed to find better!

How You Advertised Your Show
I had my show listed in the PBH Free Fringe brochure. For the third year in a row I decided against going into the main Fringe Brochure. As I am based in Edinburgh I put posters up around the area of the venue, a month before. I also had posters up in the venue. Word of mouth played a big part in it, with people telling their friends and also spreading it on social media. Twitter is massive at the Fringe. I used it a lot, and had written 4/5 tweets in July and set them to go out every day automatically promoting my show.

Audience Numbers
Seats were full just about every day. I think I had 2-3 days where it was quiet.

I just used a mini jack to plug my iPad in. I had employed a sound girl to operate my music. The tech had been upgraded from last year and is absolutely amazing.

Admin & Communication Process
I was Venue Captain again for The Annexe so hopefully all of my communication was good with everyone.

Another fantastic year, and a big thanks to PBH and The PBH Free Fringe!
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