Aaron Calvert: Mind Games - Mind Reading & Hypnosis show

Aaron Calvert: Mind Games - Mind Reading & Hypnosis show

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La Belle Angele is the largest venue on the free fringe and what a venue it is. With a huge stage measuring 4 m x 3 m and an audience seated capacity of 200 it really is a beast. The venue is a nightclub come 11pm, and other than the occasional sticky floor, you wouldn’t know it. The staff transform the venue every morning. The audience space is huge, with room for standing and sitting on the floor. On occasion we packed in more than 320 people.

It has a professional PA system built in with sound desk (aux lead already there) and a lighting control desk too. Though the stage felt like it could maybe do with a lick of paint, it was 10 times better than the majority of stages I’ve seen at fringe. What is lovely is that the staff and venue are constantly trying to improve the venue, adding in new features to make it more of an experience. 

In my opinion, the best venue on the free fringe.


The staff are all lovely and helpful, be that the managers or the bar staff. Transforming the place to make it worth of it’s crown as the biggest free fringe venue. The staff and being behind the shows made it a real pleasure to turn up and perform there. Biggest thing with any venue, be friendly to the staff and they will look after you. Be a dick and they will make your life hell…or just ignore you. I can honestly say the staff at La Belle Angele were some of the friendliest. ps buy them a little thank you at the end of the run.

Performance area / technical set-up

This is a raised platform 4 m x 3 m x 0.7 m - a huge stage. 8 par cans with white, red, blue & green available. We also contribute to have some white LED cans (4 on stage) and a spot light from the back of the room to improve the lighting. This came in after a week and really made it look a lot more professional, though before it no one ever would have thought any different. Thanks Paul ;)

The sound desk is incredible, there were two handheld wired mics provided and room to plug in a number of pieces of sound equipment. The sound desk and lighting desk are side stage which is always handy. The side stage are is about 1.5 m x 1.5m.

Access to the green room is a god send, somewhere to get changed and store small items. Bare in mind that this is a working nightclub and DJs use that room on the weekend so it can get a little messy from time to time. The green room is located off to the side of the stage, there is access through a back passage as to not disturb the acts which are already on stage.

As performance areas and tech set ups go, I’ve had worse at professional corporate events. This set up really is a god send!


I performed 22 shows with one day off in the middle. The majority of my shows were full houses with the exception of the last Wednesday and Thursday which were particularly quiet only filling 100 and 60 respectively. On the weekends I was cramming in 200+ with two Saturdays reaching over 320 people. Advertise and promote the hell out of your show to get numbers in.
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