A Million Falcons 2300

A Million Falcons 2300

Postby PGwynne » 08 Sep 2016, 14:49

We had the last show of the day, 2300 - 0000, for the first two weeks.

Audiences were normally decent, averaging 15-20 (with three flyerers for an hour). I imagine you could fill the place if you put the flyering hours in, as the location is great. We'd normally pick up an extra 5 or 10 people in the first few minutes, so we ended up starting late a lot of the time. Buckets were pretty variable, but we never pushed it that hard. We made enough to cover our costs and the donation.

As other people have mentioned the noise bleed from the bar is pretty bad, both in terms of the music in the bar and people hanging around the other side of the curtain. The back 3-4 rows of seats can't really hear the act, so we'd always try and get people to move forward as much as possible. We tried to get the music turned off but didn't have any luck, as the bar thought it'd reduce trade. Doing standup was OK, but i'd be wary about doing anything that needed more subtlety or atmosphere in this slot. You definitely need to be on mic.

The room itself is great - a nice compact space with a decent stage. The staff and everyone else were really nice and we had a load of fun. The audiences were largely full of super nice people, despite the time of night.

I don't know where to put this but even though we were listed as a two-hander there were three of us rotating in the end, so when the history books write about the show Bryan Ghosh should get 1/3rd of the credit.
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