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We were a split show doing the full run 6-28th at 7.15-8.15pm.

Globe Bar is a great location, situated on Niddry Street; between the Royal Mile and Cowgate, and between lots of other venues (the Space, The Hive, Whistlebinkies, Banshee Labyrinth)

A lot of our audience had decided to see us through the app or the Wee Blue Book. A third were the result of flyering or footfall from other shows ending nearby. We also got a few people in the last week through the queue for Richard Gadd tickets at Banshee Labyrinth - who needed something to do when the tickets were released around 7pm.

90% of our audience arrived bang on 7.15pm, when the show was about to begin, which meant we had to delay our start whilst everyone seated.

Our audience averaged at 15 people, but due to the size of the room and noise bleed from the bar, this was comfortable and ideal. We chose not to flyer one weekend and had a full house (30-40) on the Saturday and 7 (our smallest audience for the run) on the Sunday.

The noise bleed from the bar was an enormous task to get around in terms of performing. The PA would give terrible feedback if turned up. In the final week the music in the bar was turned off but up until that point it had been played quite audibly. The football/sports screened in the bar (and on one occassion through the speakers in our room) seemed to end mid-way through our show so the bar would suddenly get very loud with chit chat and noisy punters. If we had a back row, they'd often leave/complain about the noise but everyone in the first 5 rows had no problems hearing. The whole experience has strengthened us as performers! I think another set of speakers at the back of the room would have relieved the problem.

Our bucket was varied but averaged at about £25-30. We also got Euros..

The room was air conditioned and the bar is really cheap for drinks. The staff were super lovely, great people.
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