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Globe Bar is an amazing venue at a great location (Niddry Street, in between Royal Mile and Cowgate).

My time was 15.30 which was also a godsend, as it's when a lot of people are out looking for shows. I flyered, put up posters and pushed the Wee Blue Book onto passers-by. I also plugged my show by doing a number of guest spots. The best one for me was Chris O Neill's Comedy Tapas: every gig I did there, my show was full afterwards.

Globe Bar has a seating capacity of 40, or 50 if audience members sit on the side seats provided. With standing room, a good 60 can fit in to watch. All of my shows were full and I had generous buckets each time (which meant I could contribute a fair amount in the final Voluntary Donations). The bar staff were very accommodating. On the instances that I had a full audience, the staff would turn down the music they had in the bar to make it more enjoyable for my audience members.

Regarding the buckets: anything coin which was 50p or less, I put in the staff Tip Jar. The staff also had a very fast turnaround when it came to converting all my coins into notes. If the bar was busy, I would put my money in a jug behind the bar and it was converted when they got a chance.

The other acts at Globe Bar were also a treat to hang out and chat with. Quite often we all supported each other and helped out when we needed to. The venue captain Bob Walsh was also a very supportive figure.

This was my second year in a row at Globe Bar and I hope to be a permanent fixture there every year as part of the Free Fringe.
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