"Confident Idiot" 18.15

"Confident Idiot" 18.15

Postby tobias persson » 13 Sep 2016, 18:27

This was my first PBH-experience and I had a great time.

- The room was spacious but still intimate. Like a proper comedy club!
- The mic and lights worked for me every night. (not for everyone, I know)
- The location was great. Lots of people in circulation, so (fairly) easy to get people in.
- The other acts were all friendly and helpful...made me feel part of a shared experience, (rather than being alone, pushing your own show)
- Paul B:s compilation show was a treat and really helped me get people to my show.
- Easy to store my things / get the wee blue book

- Lack of toilets on the second and first floor. (I did not mind myself, but a lot of audience members mentioned this fact)
- The room became really, really warm which affected the audience at times...
- Sound leaking in from other shows...

All in all, I am very pleased. Show went well, met new lovely people and looking forward to do some more...
tobias persson
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