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UpTwoL - How to be a Psychic Conman

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The building, location and space:
Cowgatehead is really well situated on the busy cowgate section of Edinburgh’s Old Town. It has a lot of passing footfall making it perfect for flyering outside of. It comprises two levels – UpOne and UpTwo as well as the Bar- Bar Bados on ground level.

The rooms in Cowgateheard vary slightly in size, but all are good sized rooms with UpTwoL being the largest on that floor easily seating 60 with room for a dozen more standing.

Once some additions were made such as black cloths and lights it became a pretty good performance venue. One slight downside for my act was that it was a long room, meaning those seated further to the back could not clearly see a couple of the demonstrations, but this wasn’t a huge issue as they could still understand what was happening.

Cowgatehead is a pop up venue, so it is empty throughout the rest of the year, so it isn’t in the best of shape as far as cleanliness and general aesthetic goes, but it does its job and is a great venue. If you get it, you won’t be disappointed.

One issue was the state the entire place was left in. For the first week at least it was horrendously maintained, but after several stern words flew around amongst acts this soon cleared up- figuratively and literally. The rooms do get a bit warm, but being the first act on this wasn’t too much of an issue for me, though I understand other acts felt the heat a lot more.

There wasn’t any staff to speak of, we were very much left to our own devices. The only staff around were those serving in Bar Bados, which as it is not part of the actual Cowgatehead series of venues it would be unfair to have expected them to do anything to assist- They did however seem to find the very fact we were around to be an annoyance. I see from other show reports that others had similar concerns.

Not really any to speak of. There was a small section to the side of the stage but it was unsecured.

A great venue, well placed and worked pretty much perfectly. Would highly recommend keeping hold of it if possible, but acts should be warned to keep interaction with Bar Bados to a minimal.


Very little to say really. The show ran every day, audiences came and enjoyed it. The only walk outs we had were those who wandered in late. The show is a lot more commercial than my other show was so that helped. And the time it was on was perfect- never let an afternoon slot put you off, these can be some of the best slots around.

Audience Size: Averaged around 20
Takings: averaged £2-£3 a head
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