Show Report: Studs 13:00

Show Report: Studs 13:00

Postby AliceBurden » 01 Sep 2016, 09:21

We had a very successful run at Ciao Roma. We found the location and time of day perfect for pulling in punters off the street.

Most of our audience came from the Wee Blue book or the app which meant we were very keen to hand out as many as we could.

The room is lovely and long, meaning you have to fill up the front sections first. It is also nice and cool.

The staff of the venue were incredibly helpful and kind, and helped us with whatever we needed. They even put our chairs away for us at the end of the run!

We never had to pull a show and our audiences were very generous in the bucket. On average we usually had about 15-20 people in every day which was lovely and on 3-4 occasions we filled the room completely.

We were apprehensive about being the first slot in the day but it actually worked out perfectly for us - I would not let the time slot put you off!

All in all, an amazing Fringe in an incredible venue - would recommend. :-D
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