Show Report: Helping Aamer 14:10

Show Report: Helping Aamer 14:10

Postby marksilcox » 31 Aug 2016, 20:53

I had a great run this year in a lovely venue surrounded by cheerful staff who are there to provide anything you asked them.

The door behind the stage area did not have any way of closing but a notice on the other side was enough for people to stop coming in.

Only one day I had no show another day I had four adults and two teenagers from the same family in the show. After I convinced them the promise of the show and get them agree to try boiled egg. After 15 minutes in the show their patience run out. The oldest gentleman (70+) said in a very flat voice "This is not comedy." I couldn't hold my laugh. They all got up and started to leave. One of the two teenage boy whispered to me while leaving "My grand dad doesn't understand it, Sorry."
Aparts from these two days I have 7+ everyday and 20 + on Saturdays. Everyone enjoyed the show, participated happily and felt good. After the show they tweeted about the show and also sent their friends.

If I get opportunity I would love to do my show next year in the same venue same time.

The show was reviewed twice and mentioned in press and blogs four times.

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