Catching Up - Natural Food Kafe

Catching Up - Natural Food Kafe

Postby bitingblock » 13 Oct 2016, 14:42

We loved having Catching Up at the Natural Food Kafe at Ed Fringe 2016. The cafe itself is lovely and Graham and Finlay who run it could not have been more helpful or hospitable! They really created a community for us performers and made the fringe a very special experience for us. The room itself is small and intimate which suited our play which was set in a living room. There was a storage cupboard large enough for everyone's props. The room could fit 20 seats and we had a full house almost every day. We also let people squeeze in by sitting on the floor or standing, but even so, quite a few days we had to turn people away, which was a bit of a shame. It got hot down there when the audience was in but we got through it ok. Good location, not right in the centre and not the busiest of streets, but we still managed to get passers-by to come in last minute and often people told us they travelled from another part of the city to get there. The Natural Food Kafe provided a wonderful setting for our first free fringe!
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