Steve McLean's Rambunctious Reading Room

Steve McLean's Rambunctious Reading Room

Postby SteveMclean » 01 Sep 2016, 12:38

What a lovely room, really nice set up and the bar staff were a joy.

I was only there for the last week but had a cracking time. There isn't much passing trade at the time I was one so I had my guest acts flyer for me so even on the low days we still had 15 or so in at 22.40.
Tip for next year, place one of your team at the bridge cross roads and then the next one on the next road down creating a bucket chain effect, I stood outside the venue as a landmark.

There wasn't much space for posters but that didn't matter too much as there was a huge sign at the door with the lisitngs.

I like operating mic-less and the room is small enough to allow me to do that but big enough to get a decent amount of people in.

Thanks for having me at one of your flagship venues. :)
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