SoLOLoquies - the warwick comedy society

SoLOLoquies - the warwick comedy society

Postby ellen_wootten » 25 Sep 2016, 14:50

The Warwick Comedy Society performed a rotating, mixed bill of stand up 6th - 20th at 22:40.

We loved the venue, the venue was in a very good location, friendly and helpful staff.
The layout of the venue with the high tables and chairs at the back probably isn't the best for a comedy show as when the crowd isn't big it can make the place feel quite sparce, however this was combated by encouraging people to fill up from the front and reserving the side tables to almost force people to be more front and middle. The other acts at the venue were a pleasure to see and always very kind.

Thank you so much for having us, we adored Canons' Gait and the staff, Kate was a fantastic Venue captain and as always, it was lovely to work with the Free Fringe.
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