18:45 -- Dandy Darkly's Myth Mouth!

18:45 -- Dandy Darkly's Myth Mouth!

Postby DandyDarkly » 19 Feb 2017, 17:21

My show was Dandy Darkly's Myth Mouth! 6:45pm to 7:40pm at the world renown CC Blooms!

THE VENUE: CC Blooms. This was Dandy Darkly's 3rdd year at CC Blooms as both performer and captain.

The stage was only big enough for one or two performers, which is perfect for solo shows, cabaret and storytelling. The downstairs CC Blooms performance room rivals some paid venues in terms of character and charm. The walls are exposed brick with two large windows featuring steel slatted pull down covers and wall lamps in metal cages that give the entire room a very industrial feel.

My minimal technical needs were met with no issue. (Again - I suggest to all aspiring Free Fringers -- LESS IS MORE.) I needed a PA system with Ipod input which was very easy to accomplish. At the start of my show I simply hit play from behind my mic and launched into my hour of stories. So I didn't need a tech manager. Sometimes volume would vary from performance to performance, but I learned check (and recheck) the dials/levels in the sound booth along with dials/levels down below prior to showtime and it became no issues.

We received as part of our Free Fringe audio kit a new PA and mics and everything worked wonders.

Lighting options are perfectly fine for solo storytelling. The venue brought in a standing set of small spot lights, blue, yellow, cyan and white.

The management and staff at CC Blooms are great. Accommodating and friendly. Very quick to help out if I needed something and likewise I tried to stay out of their hair as much as possible. The bar staff did a great job quickly getting my audiences cocktails at the upstairs bar so I could start my show on time and likewise I encouraged my audiences to stick around after, eat the great food and see more free fringe shows. Its great space with a wonderfully supportive staff.

Flyering and advertising and handing out the Wee Blue Book was great -- the crowd that strolled past CC Blooms is specifically the audience I want for my show. New Town and the pink triangle area were lovely. Great venue for queer themed, gay, lesbian trans performers. CC Blooms continues to be absolutely AMAZING in terms of their dedication to social media. Tweeting @CCBloomsBar always got an immediate follow up with a re-tweet and a favorite that is such a big deal in terms of getting audience members in via social media. Only disappointment this year was management allowing anyone to post flyers at the venue -- this includes non Free Fringe performers. This resulted in a chaotic pile of fliers with many of CC Blooms shows covered by others. Made promoting our in-house shows much more difficult.

Audience numbers continue to grow and grow. Fourth year at the Fringe with a new show helps. Many audience were excited to see me back at CC Blooms.

Great buckets.

Great communication -- everyone worked well together to produce another successful Free Fringe season at CC's.

Finally Luke Meredith was again such a fantastic help with suggestions or any advice. I feel he really curated a wonderfully creative and talented group of performers in this little hidden gem of a cabaret space. It was a fantastic summer. Cheers!
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