Adam Skuse - Red and Pleasant Land (Standup)

Adam Skuse - Red and Pleasant Land (Standup)

Postby AdamSkuse » 20 Feb 2017, 01:02

Bourbon was a new venue for 2016, as in they hadn't finished building the place by the opening weekend.

Despite this, the manager and staff were very accommodating and helpful, despite having to deal with the launching of a new bar at the same time as dealing with us. Really lovely people.

I won't go further into the disruptions due to the building work (which resulted in the late opening of one of the two stage areas and significant disruption and confusion) as it won't be relevant in future years, except to say the staff did all they could to help us through a difficult situation.

Unfortunately, the venue itself has a number of issues that make it challenging for staging performances.

While each of the two performance areas are separate from the bar, they have significant sound bleed, both into each other and from the main bar area. So you will hear sound from any performance that is going on at the same time as yours

Bar noise is not a big issue for daytime performances. However, during evenings and especially weekends, you will have to deal with loud music from the bar area as well as the sound of the other performance.

At weekends, the two performance rooms are used through the night for clubbing and special events. These may impact on any late free fringe shows, and the last free fringe performances of the evening may be requested to end early/cancel so DJs can set up and the rooms prepared.

The venue were very good in supplying fold-up chairs for audience seating in the performance areas. One of the two areas has an area behind the DJ booth that can serve as a backstage. Neither has a raised stage.

Lighting is also an issue - both rooms are quite dark and, although there is ceiling lighting, it is geared towards clubbing. There are no in-house spots or other forms of lighting that can illuminate the stage area. Some acts bought in standard lamps. I would highly recommend getting hold of a good floor-standing spot to share among acts in future years.

The manager gave us access to the cloakroom area for storing props and posters, which was very helpful.

Overall, it’s a lovely bar (the asian fusion menu is awesome) with fantastic staff that is marred by the sound bleed issue.

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