Ninja Puppeteer - Michael How

Ninja Puppeteer - Michael How

Postby AdamSkuse » 28 Mar 2017, 17:08

I think I agree with what has been said overall. There are really friendly and supportive guys at the Bourbon Bar who seemed to want it to happen, but there were issues with sound bleed and lighting. The sound bleed problem I think mainly came about as a result of the gap at the top of the partition wall between the two venues so I’m thinking that this maybe could be resolved. The management quite understandably given the nature of the space seemed reluctant to put posters up and dress the bar area to look like a fringe venue. I think the venue could have done with this as posters up would encourage people to treat it like a fringe venue and maybe stay for more shows, after all the food was great. Compliments to the chef. Maybe a solution would be some sort of temporary bill boards with posters that we could strike every evening before the nightclub kicked in. Just a thought. Again with time I think these issues could be resolved as the staff were willing to work with us and that’s the most important thing.
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