Other Voices Spoken Word Cabaret (Banqueting Hall)

Other Voices Spoken Word Cabaret (Banqueting Hall)

Postby fayroberts » 19 Feb 2017, 15:24

Venue: Banshee Labyrinth Banqueting Hall
Show Time: 14:50 (every day except Wednesdays)
Shows: 20
Average audience size: 22
Max audience: 45
Average bucket take: £40.72
Average donation/ head: £1.91

Being back in the Banshee Labyrinth Banqueting Hall was something like coming home to your folks - familiar and strangely comforting, with a surprising amount of support and welcome from those who live there year-round. Each year the team there go to a little extra effort to make it more easy for performers to engage with the space. I cannot praise them enough, as far as our show and associated experiences was concerned.

This year we also had the addition of a temporary, carpet-covered stage. This was useful, but also became extra work as we were the first show to need it any given day, but we built reconstructing it into our get-in procedure, and became adept at that transformation.

As ever, the sound and light equipment was in good working order, well set-up, and easy to use. One of the microphones was better for us than the other, so we learned to pick out the right one as part of the daily get-in. The pre-run get-in required minimal effort, as expected, and we mostly used the time to put up posters, debate the staging and whiteboard that one of the performers wanted to use, and reacquaint ourselves with the storage facilities and staff.

The storage facilities provided were great for the flyers/ posters/ WBBs, etc., but the storage facilities for show equipment quickly became messy and chaotic, due to, I'm guessing, anxious, stress-laden, time-poor performers. I don't know what the solution is, but I expect it involves shelving of some kind, or magical rotating units! :) However, compared to other venues where performers e.g. weren't allowed to store equipment or publicity over the weekend or at all, or what storage wasn't easily accessible, it was wonderful! :D

In the past we've always had to do a great deal of crowd control for the following show - Rob Auton's - but the queuing ticket system worked well (even though there were disappointed people to turn away every day - more notice needs to be posted of this to avoid the kind of rage we witnessed some people experiencing). It also meant that we weren't pushing out through people who had already come in while carrying the props, staging, bucket, etc. out of the space as Rob was getting in. That was also an improvement from our point of view.

It's a lovely, compact venue and suits us well. We have managing the issues down to such a fine art now that we barely notice them. I would recommend people adding arrows to their posters to aid audience members to find you (I'm definitely doing that next year), and not leaving anything easily-breakable in the storage area.

Our numbers were down on previous years (though we'd had a year out, which may have explained it, and were in a similar timeslot as popular shows like Harry Baker's), but the average spend per head seemed to be up, and the audiences were all lovely and wanted to be there! :)

Another good experience at the Banshee Labyrinth.
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