23:05 || Raise the Bar Spoken Word (BH)

23:05 || Raise the Bar Spoken Word (BH)

Postby rtbspokenword » 04 Nov 2016, 22:06

This was our first time doing an Edinburgh Fringe show and the Banshee Labyrinth was an amazing venue, making the experience a lot easier. The venue staff are very friendly and helpful, and the BH Banqueting Hall is a brilliant room. As it's the spoken word HUB for the Free Fringe, there's a lot of friendly and familiar faces about and also sufficient storage space in the cellar to keep all your flyers, posters etc.
The venue fits 40 odd people with standing space at the back, which makes it a cosy space and looks great when it's full. In fact, due to the layout even if it's half full it can look full from the stage if people are in the front few rows. The PA and sound system is really good, and the staff will help out if there's any problems. We only found out in our 2nd week that there is also adjustable lighting, so definitely familiarize yourself with the controls quickly as they are really useful!

Because of the time of night, this slot can be a bit tricky for outside noise, but this can be combated with two key things: 1) good mic technique, performing close to the microphone, 2) politely asking people outside to either move table or be slightly quieter, they often aren't aware there's a show going on.
Fridays and Saturdays are usually the loudest nights, worth noting if you want to book slightly louder/performative acts for this event, or make sure you're that bit more aware of it if you're a solo show.

If it's an interesting show concept people will generally wander in, especially spoken word crowds, at this time as they're drinking there anyway. We did some good promo for the first few days then never had to flyer again because we were virtually filling out each night. Our smallest crowd over the whole run was 2/3 full.

This is a really good time slot, definitely worth taking, and a great great venue - just make sure you have good projection and people control for the potential outside noise. But that's the only slight concern in a pretty much flawless performance space.
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