23.30 Richard Gadd: Monkey See Monkey Do ('Cinema Room')

23.30 Richard Gadd: Monkey See Monkey Do ('Cinema Room')

Postby Richard Gadd » 22 Sep 2016, 09:05

The Banshee Labryinth is a lovely Free Fringe venue on Niddry Street, extremely central, just off the Royal Mile and up from Cowgate, meaning that passing trade is probably the best it can be at the Fringe. It is popular with a cross-section of Fringe goers, but mainly students, and young types, due to the rock-trendy vibe of the place. If your stuff is subversive or "edgy" this venue will really work for you.

The performance space itself is an adapted cinema room with raked, comfy seats sitting around fourty with a large performance space and a gigantic projector screen. Lighting and audio support is at its best. It has to be one of - if not THE - most desirable Free Fringe spaces at the entire festival. It fills up quickly and has a door at the back which is perfect for keeping any sound bleed outside the door. The PA system itself is brand new, highly effective, and easy to use. Site-lines are great and the Gothic paintings and black decor only add to the brilliant atmosphere. There is a good area downstairs for performers pre-show with a mirror for costume/make-up and a nicely sized room for props, flyers, and other storage necessities. The staff are f'ckn amazing!

Crowd control can be a bit of a bastard. It was much better than last year and the venue has gone to great efforts to limit problems through queuing tokens and barriers but the spill can still be hard to handle. I would highly recommend employing somebody to manages queues. The hassle this saved me was astronomical.

Overall, it was a great run with full, financially generous crowds. I would highly recommend this space to anybody thinking of using it.

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