19:50 Chamber Room: Skeptics on the Fringe

19:50 Chamber Room: Skeptics on the Fringe

Postby EdSkeptics » 21 Sep 2016, 17:15

We've had the same slot for three years and we've settled into it pretty well. It's ideal since pretty much all of us involved in putting the show on have 9-5ish jobs in central Edinburgh.

The venue is great for our show in terms of size and kit. The staff are fantastic. The flyer storage area is cramped but big enough. Only downside about the venue is the toilets which could do with a bit of a refurb in most people's opinion I think.

On one night we got the back bar (Bar 13) opened up with an A/V link to the room. This went really well and the venue was keen to do this in future. This is worth baring in mind when allocating shows next year - there's a chance to expand the capacity from 65 up to 100 (give or take) if required.

Queuing was a bit of an issue but we've got ideas to simplify it for ourselves next year, although most of it was caused by...

Only major problem was pretty major and that was that the show in front of us overrun their slot every single night - sometimes by as much as 5 minutes, leaving us 5 minutes to do all of our set up. Quiet words from us and other performers did very little to help the situation and by the end of the run we were on the verge of going in at the end of the previous slot and starting to set up whether they were ready to finish or not. We hope not to be in a situation like that again, and may be considerably less diplomatic the next time.

Stats wise our audience was up 3% on last year and average takings were up over 15% per head so we had a very good year and had covered our costs by the end of week 2 and so were very happy to make a bigger contribution. Roll on 2017!
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