13:40 Random Chants (BH)

13:40 Random Chants (BH)

Postby AndyBennettPoet » 05 Sep 2016, 08:10

Having read the previous show reports here, there's honestly not much more that I can add. The Banshee Labyrinth feels like the spiritual home of spoken word at the Fringe - with credit to Matt and Fay who programmed it - and I think that the sterling work put in by the ever-helpful and friendly staff was icing on an already tasty cake. Audience wise, my run fluctuated from the good (at weekends) to the depressing (mid-week), but those audiences that came seemed more generous (£5 pp) than they tend to be when rooms are full. I had a few issues with loud drinkers in the corridor outside the room, but usually a quick word would get them to move or quieten down. Tech issues were all good - the ability to adjust the lighting was a boon, and as I performed most of the run a capella I had no problems with amplification. One potential problem for future years is that we seemed to run out of WBBs at an alarming rate (many punters coming to the Banshee specifically to pick one up) and without Cinema VC Chris Coltrane making frequent runs to collect more we would have struggled. Perhaps in future years a system could be in place where a nominated person checks the levels at the end of the day and can inform shows with earlier timeslots so they can pick up more books on ther way in.
All in all the room, the staff, and the location make this pretty much the perfect Fringe venue.
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